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Is Digital Academy Right For My Student?

Is Digital Academy Right For My Student?

There are many reasons why a family might consider online learning for their student. Here are some factors to consider when determining if online learning is right for your child:

• My student has the daily support of a Learning Coach to encourage and monitor their progress.
• My student has the self-motivation skills required to remain on track and engaged without constant guidance from a teacher.
• My student demonstrates age-appropriate organizational skills.
• My student is curious and likes to learn new things.
• My student understands that online learning often takes more time than face-to-face courses.
• Our family has time in our schedule to devote up to six hours per day to dedicate to online learning.
• Our family can create and follow a schedule which will allow my student to stay on track and catch up if they fall behind.
• Our family understands that coursework must be completed on time and that non-completion of work will affect my student’s educational goals and could require in-person coursework until the students is caught up.

Family Commitment:

Every student requires a “Learning Coach” or dedicated adult who has the time and motivation to support their student’s online and offline learning. Learning Coaches are often parents, but could be any reliable adult at home with the student each day.

The role of the Learning Coach is to:
• Create a daily plan or schedule to complete lessons and attend any live learning sessions
• Provide a dedicated, distraction-free learning and work space
• Guide the student through the lessons as needed
• Discuss the concepts being taught
• Assist with interactive tools and games
• Oversee assignments
• Help facilitate hands-on learning that may be in the course
• Check for understanding
• Keep the student on schedule and on pace
• Communicate with the teacher as needed

All grade levels will begin the year with a higher need of involvement from the Learning Coach and will gradually shift more responsibility to the student as independence, attention, stamina, and focus increase with practice and maturity.

Approximate times for grade levels are as follows:

Grade Level  Daily Time Commitment
Kindergarten-3rd 4 to 6 hours
 4th-5th 3 to 5 hours
6th-8th 2 to 4 hours
 9th-12th  1 to 2 hours